Designing a Modern and Contemporary Looking Kitchen Island

If you’re serious about the makeover and transformation of your home interiors, especially the kitchen & dining area, always go for designing and installing a central island. This is what all city homes are doing. It not only provides space, but brings about functionality and style to an existing kitchen that didn’t have one such type of island with a beautiful looking marble or granite countertop. In San Diego, CA, there are professional home remodeling contractors like Diori Design that can easily help achieve that classic, as well as contemporary transformation for your home interiors. And, it is your kitchen or cooking area that gets a facelift or makeover in the form of complete redesign and remodel, by the way of installing a new central island with a countertop material.

A Kitchen Island that Acts as a Great Storage Space

Yes, you heard it right! By having a central kitchen island, either in an attached U-shape or in a totally detached or ‘stand-alone’ format, you can install a row of wooden cabinets beneath one such island. In fact, there would be a square or rectangular countertop material in natural marble stone, granite or quartz, and beneath which the storage cabinets would be placed in an organized manner. And, it is your local San Diego kitchen remodeling contractor that can help build a designer kitchen island, by including or installing all these fixtures and materials in an appropriate manner. After the remodeling work is done, your home kitchen looks absolutely stylish and modern in appeal.

So, why not consult with your local home remodeler and install a premium looking kitchen island with a beautiful quartz countertop material that is bound to enhance the visual aesthetics. Diori Design, being a stellar general contractor in San Diego, CA, can easily help design & build one such kitchen island, by using the most hard-wearing materials like wood/timber, natural stone and some element of chrome to provide an elegant appeal to your home cooking space. At the end of the day, you get a brand new and glittering kitchen that you’ve always desired.